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QUAERE - Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference for PhD. students and assistants 2024, vol. XIV.

  • June 24 - 26, 2024
  • Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference for PhD. students and assistants
  • Call For Papers


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Scientex Conferences

3rd International Conference on Nursing and Women’s Healthcare

On behalf of the Nursing Conferences Committee, it gives us a great pleasure to announce 3rd International Conference on Nursing and Women's Healthcare scheduled on November 13-14, 2023.
Conference Venue: City Seasons Dubai Hotel, 2 27th St - Port Saeed - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Nursing Conferences 2023 is a premier interdisciplinary forum for all the Directors, Specialists, Professors, Doctors, Scientists, Academicians, Nurses, Gynecologists, Women’s Health Specialists, Healthcare Professionals, Students, Researchers, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Public Health practitioners, Clinical researchers.
Nursing 2023 will give a platform for prominent experts to gather and share their innovative ideas in the field of Nursing Research.
Our Nursing Conferences will be an incredible gathering of medical care researchers, professionals, and specialists. It will create a learning space for conversations and presentations which will help in the modernization of nursing schooling and practice.
With this note, we encourage you to submit your abstracts for oral, poster, video presentation categories in the following link.
Abstract Submission Portal:
For conference related queries, please reach us via WhatsApp: +1-346-348-1205
To witness valuable scientific discussions and future innovations in the field of nursing research, women’s healthcare, nursing education, and evidence-based practices, on board with us in the “City of lights" Dubai!!

Main organise:

Scientex Conferences

Town where the conference is held:

Dubai, UAE, United Arab Emirates


13.11.2023 - 14.11.2023


Naomi Chan
Program Director | Nursing 2023
Tel/What's App: +1-346-348-1205

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Subject specialisation of the conference:

Medicine, Health Service

Parameters of the conference:

scientific and programme committee
receipt of contribution fees
attendance fee

Added on: 11. March 2023 v 00:00


Medicine, Health Service, Scientex Conferences, November 13, 2023