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Conference series


Dear Professors/Researchers/Students, Warm Greetings to you from Genoteq conferences. I am happy to share with you that "2ND GLOBAL FORUM ON DEMENTIA AND ALZHEIMERS RESEARCH" during November 9-10th, 2020 at Miami, USA. Theme of the conference: “Enhancing improving Supporting professionals of Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease” GFDAR 2020 ( This inspiring two-day event is specifically for Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease with an interest who would like to develop their confidence and skills in there research. The conference will provide a supportive and constructive learning environment in which you will begin to develop your ideas into a research proposal. In brief following topics are going to be discussed: • Dementia • Alzheimer’s Disease • Vascular Dementia • Traumatic Brain Injury • Diagnosis And Symptoms • Geriatric And Cognitive Disorder • Care Practice • Current Research On Dementia • Role Of Amyloid Protein • Clinical Trials And Studies • Use Of Animal Models • Ageing And Dementia • Pharmacological Studies • Biomarkers A anticipates huge number of participants all around the globe with thought provoking Keynote lectures, Oral and Poster presentations, Symposium and workshops. This conference meet with outstanding keynote speakers and well known leading scientists and experts from around the globe will be expected to share their knowledge. I hope this is the best opportunity to actively participate and grab the fundamentals in which is the latest trend in Academics (Requesting you to share this information among your PhD Scholars, Faculty Members and Students at your prestigious Institute) About company / organization Genoteq Healthcare conferences are a group of professions who had well experience in organizing scientific conferences all over the world. We create an atmosphere where technology gurus and researchers can share about recent advancements and their impact on present life. We also would love to hear your opinions and concerns about our conferences.


09.11.2020 - 10.11.2020

Category: Psychology, Conference series, November 09, 2020

Euoscion Ltd

International conference on Tropical and infectious Diseases

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, We invite you to be a speaker/delegate/exhibitor at the upcoming Conference “International conference on Tropical and Infectious Diseases” This is to invite you for conference The conference is “International conference on Tropical and infectious Diseases” scheduled to be held on August 12 -13, 2020 at Paris, France Event website: The scientific-program is a rich mix of formats ranging from keynote sessions featuring many thought provoking speakers along with other renowned keynote speakers and Speakers for the panel discussion Tropical and infectious Diseases 2020 CPD/CME Accredited event Sincerely, Naina Khashyap| Program Manager Program Manager | Tropical and Infectious Diseases Conference 2020 EuroSciCon Ltd 40 Bloomsbury Way | London, United Kingdom, WC1A 2SE Phone: 44-2033182512 Email:


12.08.2020 - 13.08.2020

Category: Medicine, Health Service, Chemistry, Biological sciences, Euoscion Ltd, August 12, 2020

Herald Meetings

Cancer conferences 2020

We along with our organizing members of our Herald group coordinately welcomes all the Professionals, researchers, academicians, Students, young Researchers of the cancer research and oncology department from all over the globe to participate in our upcoming Cancer 2020 Conference entitled as INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CANCER RESEARCH AND THERAPY at ROME, ITALY in mid of August 17-18, 2020 emphasis with the theme “Cancer Science : Innovative Options in Cancer Detection and Cancer Therapeutics” Download the brochure of the Cancer 2020 and Connect with us. Feel free to contact us for your queries


17.08.2020 - 18.08.2020

Category: Medicine, Health Service, Herald Meetings, August 17, 2020

Peers Alley Media

Nutrition and Food Technology World Congress 2020, July 20-21, 2020, London, UK

Peers Alley Media cordially invite all academicians, scientists, young researchers, industrialists, business delegates and students from around the world to the "Nutrition and Food Technology World Congress 2020" at London, UK during July 20-21, 2020. Nutrition World 2020 shares an insight into the latest studies, technologies in the domain of Food Science and Technology. The conference comprises brief keynote introductions, oral and poster presentations, workshops/ symposiums and exhibitions. We invite all Nutrition, Food Science and Technology experts who are eagerly and engrossed in sharing their exploration know-how and down to earth information in the global platform.


20.07.2020 - 21.07.2020

Category: Medicine, Health Service, Peers Alley Media, July 20, 2020

Herald Meetings

Cell and Regenerative Medicine conferences

WORLD CONGRESS ON STEM CELL AND Regenerative Medicine is the International conference hosted by the Herald Groups which is going to be held in Rome Italy during August 17-18, 2020 Cell and Regenerative Medicine 2020 Congress acts as the platform of knowledge transfer with the highly advanced, updated and relevant information of the Stem cells, Regenerative Medicine. Stem cell, Biomedical Devices, Sensors, and Artificial Organs, Advanced Biotechnology, Next Generation Sequencing, Bioengineering, Biomaterials and its Applications, Nanotechnology, Clinical Trials on Regenerative Medicine, Biopharmaceutical Formulation, Stem Cell Transplants for Cancer Treatment and many other current innovations in the Field. We along with our organizing members of our Herald group coordinately welcomes all the Professionals, researchers, business professionals, academicians, Students, young Researchers of the cancer research and Stem cell Research and Tissue Engineering department from all over the globe to participate in our upcoming Cell and Regenerative Medicine Conference entitled as WORLD CONGRESS ON STEM CELL AND REGENERATIVE MEDICINE at ROME, ITALY in mid of August 17-18, 2020 the gathering is emphasis with the theme “Stem cell : Advanced inventions in treatments by stem cell and Regenerative Medicine ”


17.08.2020 - 18.08.2020

Category: Medicine, Health Service, Herald Meetings, August 17, 2020