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QUAERE - Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference for PhD. students and assistants 2024, vol. XIV.

  • June 24 - 26, 2024
  • Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference for PhD. students and assistants
  • Call For Papers


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 Conference Series LLC Ltd

14th International Conference on EHealth Technologies

The 14th International Conference on EHealth Technologies is pleased to welcome you. It is a one-of-a-kind event that demonstrates the many facets and diversity of telemedicine and digital health. 14 th International conference on Ehealth Technologies will be held on September 18-19, 2023 in Rome,Italy. The two-day conference is expected to draw over 200 healthcare professionals, nurses, and experts.

E-health is a developing field at the crossroads of medical informatics, public health, and business that refers to health services and information delivered or increased through the internet and connected technologies. In a broader sense, the term denotes not only a technological advancement, but also a state-of-mind, a way of thinking, an attitude, and a commitment to networked, international thinking in order to mend health care locally, regionally, and globally through the use of information and communication technology.

Main organise:

Conference Series LLC Ltd

Town where the conference is held:

Clarion Congress Hotel Prague, Czech Republic


11.05.2024 - 19.09.2023



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